• XTeer COMP-P

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XTeer COMP-P is an extraordinary Compressor Oil. It is formulated with excellent quality base oil technology and a high technology additive system that assures exceptional equipment protection and reliability for compressors operating. It is especially designed to provide excellent wear protection and outstanding resistance to oxidation and thermal. Furthermore%2C it shows the ability to help reduce maintenance costs through minimizing equipment problems and downstream deposits and carryover.


  • Specifically recommended for reciprocating air compressor
  • Units operating under severe conditions
  • Oxidation Stability
  • Low Evaporation Loss
  • Antifoam Properties
  • Rust Protection


  • Parker Hannifin France HF-1
  • DIN 51524 Part 1
  • DIN 51506 VDL
  • Cincinnati Machine P-54
  • U.S. Steel 126
  • AFNOR E46-800 HL
  • MIL-H-17672D


XTeer COMP-P VGDensity (15℃, kg/㎥)ViscosityViscosity IndexFlash Point (℃)Pour Point (℃)

※ 典型属性是经由通常生产状况下得到的典型数值,不等同与产品规范。产品在通常生产状况下,以及不同取样环境下产生的典型数值可能会有变动,并不影响产品性能。