• XTeer Turbine Oil

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Hyundai XTeer Turbine Oil series is formulated with excellent quality base oil technology and lubricant additive package capable of meeting high demanding industry performance specifications and end user expectations. It is specially designed for the lubrication of industrial gas and steam turbines. It has excellent thermal%2C oxidation and anti-foam performance.


  • Industrial Power Generation Turbine.
  • Steam & Gas Turbines%2C Turbo compressors
  • Bearings of Generator%2C Governor Control.
  • Excellent thermal stability and oxidation stability
  • Minimizing oil degradation leading to reliable operation.
  • Water separation characteristics and rust protection
  • Excellent interaction profiles with metalworking fluid emulsions


  • Siemens TLV 9013 04
  • Alstom HTGD 90117
  • Solar Turbines ES 9-224
  • General Electric GEK-32568F
  • DIN 51515


Hyundai XTeer Turbine VGDensity (15℃, kg/㎥)ViscosityViscosity IndexFlash Point (℃)Pour Point (℃)

※ 典型属性是经由通常生产状况下得到的典型数值,不等同与产品规范。产品在通常生产状况下,以及不同取样环境下产生的典型数值可能会有变动,并不影响产品性能。