• XTeer R&O

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XTeer R&O is a rust and oxidation inhibited hydraulic oil. It is formulated with select additives and designed for used in a variety of industrial applications. It is also suitable for use in applications where a premium R&O product is not required.


  • Applications where a straight mineral oil is required without extreme pressure (EP)%2C detergent%2C dispersant or anti-wear additives.
  • General machine oil
  • Low pressure circulating fluid
  • Non-Critical hydraulic applications
  • Air-tool oil
  • Drip or splash lubricant
  • Spindle Oil
  • Lubrication of light-duty compressors
  • Protection against oxidation
  • Protection against rust and corrosion
  • Low foaming


  • Parker Hannifin France HF-1%2C
  • DIN 51524 Part 1%2C MIL-H-17672D
  • U.S. Steel 126%2C AFNOR E46-800 HL
  • Cincinnati Machine P-38%2C P-54%2C P-55


XTeer R&O VGDensity (15℃, kg/㎥)ViscosityViscosity IndexFlash Point (℃)Pour Point (℃)
Test methodASTM D1298ASTM D445ASTM D445ASTM D2270ASTM D92ASTM D97

※ 典型属性是经由通常生产状况下得到的典型数值,不等同与产品规范。产品在通常生产状况下,以及不同取样环境下产生的典型数值可能会有变动,并不影响产品性能。