• XTeer Grease

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XTeer Grease series are very suitable for general use%2C as it is based on high-refined mineral oil and blended with various additives appropriately. It provides outstanding lubrication on many kinds of parts due to oxidation stability%2C and anti-wear property.


  • All sorts of bearings under normal load
  • Joint and spline shaft
  • Good oxidation stability and rust prevention
  • Service temperature: -30%B0C %7E +130%B0C


  • NLGI No. 1


Test ItemsAppearanceWorked Penetration (25C)Dropping Point(C)Copper Strip corrosionOil Separation (wt%)Oxidation Stability (kg/cm2)
1Light Brown310~3402021a4.60.25
Test Method-ASTM D 217ASTM D 566ASTM D 4048ASTM D 6184ASTM D 942

*ASTM: American Society for Testing & Material



※ 典型属性是经由通常生产状况下得到的典型数值,不等同与产品规范。产品在通常生产状况下,以及不同取样环境下产生的典型数值可能会有变动,并不影响产品性能。